Career Profile

Tech lead with software engineering background and some experience as a platform engineer. Recent experience mostly consists of building microservices and running workloads at scale with JavaScript/NodeJS, Kubernetes, AWS.


Platform Engineer; Technical Lead

2020 - Present
SuperAwesome, an Epic Games company (Cloud Platform)

After some time working on our various products as a software engineer, I pivoted to platform engineering, helping build the tooling and infrastructure needed by our engineers for running our products, including:

  • Provisioning/maintaining a large set of production Kubernetes clusters & supporting networking (within AWS)
  • Providing easy self-serve infrastructure as code (Terraform) tooling for developers to consume
  • Keeping infrastructure secure by default while enabling it to be built upon
  • Training and supporting developers in ongoing use of the infrastructure platform
  • Generally abstracting away complexities to reduce the cognitive load for developers’ interactions with infrastructure
  • As tech lead, planning all the above in coordination with the development teams to ensure a balance between flexibility and consistency in our platform & tooling while reducing disruptions

Full-Stack Developer; Technical Lead

2015 - 2020
SuperAwesome (Kids Web Services)

Worked on multiple kidtech products, including an ad server for safely engaging with children and a children’s gaming and art social platform. Spent most of the time as tech lead for Kids Web Services, a platform of tools and APIs with the purpose of allowing third parties to build applications that are kid-safe by default according to regulations as well as best practices. During this time, worked across the stack as an engineer on highly scalable APIs written primarily in NodeJS and backed by PostgreSQL, running on Kubernetes, as well as Angular/AngularJS frontends and various SDKs. As tech lead, was responsible for designing the architecutre for such systems, planning implementation, coordinating and mentoring other engineers.

Software Developer & Sysadmin

2012 - 2014
Easy Website in a Box

Principal engineer building a website-creation tool for users with minimal technical knowledge, which eventually went on sale in physical boxes in high street stores across the UK. Set up and maintained the architecture, wrote the server-side (PHP) and client-side (HTML5/AngularJS) parts of the system and eventually handled hiring and leading of a small team working on later versions of the product.

Web Developer

May - Aug 2012
Dhalco Web Solutions

Worked as a developer on projects for various clients at a web design agency. Most of my focus was on back-end development for bespoke solutions like progress trackers, quotation portals, simple billing systems, etc


Side projects

Lab checker (2016-2019) - Part-time project building an automated lab system for university lab sessions, to give out assignments, take submissions and compile & provide automated feedback to students before sending to lab assistants for checking. Currently used by my university in production to make mannaging labs easier.
Progression Monitoring System (2015) - Final year project at uni. Web-based system for tracking attendance & progression of students. Hooked into uni's LDAP system for authentication & user management
MeeTeeVee (2011) - Personal side project. Catalogue of videos available for streaming, with user-submitted content. Gained some popularity, but decided to shut down due to copyright infringement concerns

Skills & Proficiency



NodeJS (Javascript/Typescript)




Frontend JS / HTML / CSS