Career Profile

Full-stack software engineer/technical lead. Recent experience mostly consists of building microservices with JavaScript, Angular, NodeJS, Docker & Kubernetes.


Full-Stack Developer; Technical Lead

2015 - Present

Work across teams on a variety of kidtech projects, including a kid-safe ad server and Kids Web Services, a cloud platform for kid-safe apps. Held roles as a full-stack developer and technical lead, involving working on many parts of our systems, most of this involving highly scalable APIs and frontend interfaces written in Angular/AngularJS. A lot of work with devops and our service-oriented architecture, using Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration; designing and maintaining large PostgreSQL databases; setting up new projects for other teams; creating & maintaining SDKs for clients (JS/Android/iOS/Unity).

Software Developer & Sysadmin

2012 - 2014
Easy Website in a Box

This is a website-creation tool for users with no technical knowledge, which eventually went on sale in physical boxes in high street stores across the UK. I was hired as the principal engineer and created the first version of the product, setting up and maintaining the architecture, writing the server-side (PHP) and client-side (HTML5/AngularJS) parts of the system and eventually hiring and leading a small team working on subsequent versions of the product.

Web Developer

May - Aug 2012
Dhalco Web Solutions

Worked as a developer on projects for various clients at a web design agency. Most of my focus was on back-end development for progress trackers, quoting portals, simple billing systems, etc


Side projects

Lab checker (2016-2019) - Part-time project building an automated lab system for university lab sessions, to give out assignments, take submissions and compile & provide automated feedback to students before sending to lab assistants for checking. Currently used by my university in production to make mannaging labs easier.
Progression Monitoring System (2015) - Final year project at uni. Web-based system for tracking attendance & progression of students. Hooked into uni's LDAP system for authentication & user management
MeeTeeVee (2011) - Personal side project. Catalogue of videos available for streaming, with user-submitted content. Gained a lot of popularity, but shut it down due to many copyright infringement concerns

Skills & Proficiency


Angular & AngularJS




Amazon Web Services